Lower Limb Arterial Duplex Page

Lower Limb Arterial Duplex

Lower Limb Arterial Duplex

Why am I having this test?

You may need this test if:


· you have been experiencing leg pain with walking (intermittent claudication)

· you have non-healing wounds or ulcers on your legs or feet

· your doctor has trouble finding your pulses in your ankles

· you have known vascular disease or have had surgery or stents in these arteries in the past


What are you looking for?


This test will measure the blood flow in your arteries in your leg(s), from the groin to the ankle. The test will pick up any plaque build-up in the arteries that may be restricting the blood flow in your leg. Your doctor may also ask us to check the blood pressure in your arms, ankles and toes. This is called an ankle-brachial-index test (ABI).


How long will it take?


This test may take up to 30 minutes per leg, plus 15 minutes for the ABI.